Photographer – Digital Producer

I‘m a professional visual storyteller based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My background includes photography, advertisement (radio, TV, writing, columnist and social media expert) and public speaking and oral storytelling.

I worked in the digital teams of Claxson (Playboy TV Latin America, FTV, Infinito, Much Music, Venus and G Channel) as mobile producer. I worked  three years in The Walt Disney Company Latin America as Content Distribution Coordinator. Then, I started to work atTurner Broadcasting System as Digital Product Manager. I managed the MCN called UPlay for Telefe. I currently work as a Multiplatform Programming Manager for Comedy Central in Viacom.

I’ve participated as a public speaker on stage events about Visual Storytelling, Digital Content, Mobile Photography, Transmedia Storytelling.

I gave a weekly review about Digital Media Trends on the Radio Program “El exprimidor de Ari Paluch” and “Estilo Anama” (with Anama Ferreira).

I gave workshops at Distrito Audiovisual de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires,  Editorial Perfil ,  Universidad Católica Argentina (Catholyc University at Buenos Aires) and the Austral University. I gave a workshop in Google, You Tube Creator Camp 2015, for the best digital creators in Latin America. The workshops teach of how hone their skills on creative storytelling and tell a perfect story by a combination of photography, text and video, using only a simple tool like a mobile device.

I was speakear at Mobile Day 2014 “Visual Storytelling en multipantalla”. I´ve participated as speaker at Chile Media Show 2011. Conference: “Hábitos de los jóvenes en Internet y en Telefonía Celular: su relación con la televisión”. I was speaker at  “Seminario Internacional EspacioTendencias” de la 37a. Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires.

I am one of the early pioneers and leading artists of the Mobile Photography revolution in Latin America since 2010. I’m the founder of the Popckorn Project and BAMF (Buenos Aires Mobile Festival).

I’m professor at Catholyc University since 2013. (Digital Media, Media Planning & Digital Manegement Content).

Venice, 2016.

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