I was born in 1984, Buenos Aires.  I am a professional visual storyteller, product and content strategy. My background includes photography, advertisement, digital products and contents, mobile industry and storytelling.

From my background in communications, I know the images, products and the message they transmit in the best way possible. I have a degree in Communications (Argentinian Catholic University), a Master Degree – Management Content (Austral University), Photographer at Argentinian School of Photography, Website Desing at Da Vinci School and Bachelors Degree in Latin America Photography at Motivarte School of Photography.

In 2019, I completed the workshop with Diego Ortiz Múgica about «Photometry, contrast control and Lighting».

I worked in the digital teams of Claxson (Playboy TV Latin America, FTV, Infinito, Much Music, Venus and G Channel) as mobile producer. For three years in The Walt Disney Company Latin America as Content Distribution Coordinator. Then, I started to work at Turner Broadcasting System as Digital Product Manager for Latin America. I moved to Sao Paulo and I worked in the Brazilian Team to improve the digital content. After this experiencia, I managed the MCN called UPlay for Telefe. Currently I work as a Multiplatform Manager for Comedy Central Latin America in Viacom.

In my experience, I worked in the product or content side with the objective of maximize sales, revenue, market share and profit margins. My focus in the product management is to drive new product development. That is, new products that are better and differentiated to create benefits and value for the customer. The customer’s reaction is the main indicator of product profitability and success.

I have participated as a public speaker on stage events about Visual Storytelling, Digital Content, Mobile Photography, Transmedia Storytelling.

I had a weekly review about Digital Media Trends on the Radio Program «El exprimidor de Ari Paluch» and “Estilo Anama” (with Anama Ferreira). I gave workshops about Mobile Photography at Distrito Audiovisual de la Ciudad de Buenos  Aires, Samsung, Editorial Perfil , Adidas Running Team, Catholic University at Buenos Aires, Turner Broadcasting System Latin America, Austral University and Google. In Google, I gave in the You Tube Creator Camp 2015, for the best digital creators in Latin America. The workshops teach of how hone their skills on creative storytelling and tell a perfect story by a combination of photography, text and video, using only a simple tool like a mobile device.

Speakear at Mobile Day 2014 “Visual Storytelling en multipantalla”, Chile Media Show 2011. Conference: “Hábitos de los jóvenes en Internet y en Telefonía Celular: su relación con la televisión” and  “Seminario Internacional EspacioTendencias” de la 37a. «Feria Internacional del Libro» – Buenos Aires.

I am one of the early pioneers and leading artists of Mobile Photography revolution in Latin America since 2010. I Founded Popckorn Project and BAMF (Buenos Aires Mobile Festival). It was set up to promote the best work in the genre, and to give a platform to talented yet unrepresented photographers.

I am professor at Argentinian Catholic University (Argentina) since 2013. (Marketing, Digital Media, Media Planning, Marketing Innovation & Digital Management Content).

In 2019, I participated as Faculty  in the thirteenth Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change. This year’s Academy gathered 73 students, 19 Faculty, and 20 visiting scholars around the theme of The Cost of Disbelief. The program was anchored by an opening keynote address from Bangladeshi photojournalist and activist Shahidul Alam, which focused on the theme of vulnerability, trust and courage through the medium of photography. Elisa Lees Muñoz, executive director of the International Women’s Media Foundation, sparked meaningful discussion on the intersection of gender, media, and reporting. Kerry Donahue, Lindsay Abrams, and Stephanie Kuo from Public Radio Exchange (PRX) led students from asking “what is a podcast?” to creating their own audio show trailers on media literacy. And Naja Nielsen, digital director of BBC News, posed meaningful questions about journalistic responsibility, impartiality and the freedom of speech. These guests were supported by over 35 seminars, workshops, and screenings, along with a series of reading groups that strengthened our students’ capacity for exploring journalism and media with a critical eye and heightened cultural awareness.

My objetive is to continue to develop my skills and knowledge in my field of expertise, always looking for new opportunities and experiences.


  • YouTube Certification – Audience Growth (2016)
  • IMS Certificate on Spotify, LinkedIn, Waze, Twitter (2018)
  • BA emprende (Startup Course) (2014)
  • “Inspiring the Future” – Singularity University, Silicon Valley. The workshop was on April 9th and 10th (2013), and gathered four of the most renowned professors of the University: Salim Ismail, Daniel Kraft, Rob Nail and Raymond

Photography Awards & Exhibitions

About Popckorn Project


Our mission is to communicate stories through smart contents. Our role is expand and strengthen the power of real-time storytelling, encourage digital artist, provide a space for meeting, discussion and sharing knowledge on this new photography paradigm.
Visual Narratives, exploring the world through the lens of mobile phones. Capturing, editing and sharing moments as they happen.

  • We developed the first Mobile Photography Gallery and Festival in Argentina and Brazil – FoLa (Fototeca Latinoamericana, Argentina) and MIS (Museum of image and sound, Brazil).
  • We develop Digital Workshop ad hoc for brands (E.g Adidas, Editorial Perfil, Google, Samsung, FWTV, Turner Broadcasting Latin America)
  • Mobile Photography Workshops in Shanty Towns: With the aim of promoting social integration and the socialization of the artistic experience, we offer free mobile photography workshops associated with the ONG and Argentinian Catholic University. We believe in art as a valuable resource that allows human beings to display their essence and develop their creative abilities, even in an adverse or hostile reality. Our conviction is that visual arts – especially photography – fosters new expressive, communicational and technical skills in children and young people in vulnerable situations. Objective: Build a circuit of young mobile photographers from different neighborhoods of the city and have first-hand urbanization of their neighborhoods and personal experiences.

Who are your influences? Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ernst Haas, Mary Ellen Mark, Elliott Erwitt, Sebastio Salgado, Cecil Beaton, Fan Ho, Don McCullin, Marcos Lopez, Andy Goldstein, Steve Jobs and Gustavo Cerati.

What camera do you use? Leica Cameras. Mostly the MP-9 and D-Lux Typ 109. I also use the Canon 60D with different lens. I use a variety of  Mobile Phones.

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