Life is a lot more fragile than we think. Photography work from 2013 to 2019 // Mobile Cameras & Full Frames Cameras.

The meaning of the Fragility is easily broken, shattered, or damaged; delicate; brittle; frail: a fragile ceramic container; a very fragile alliance. vulnerably delicate, as in appearance: our life have a fragile beauty.

Human fragility is a condition that has its roots in an unfounded believe system that people build up in order to find the last strength to keep moving forward. Humans become fragile as soon as they don’t seem to find any concrete factor in their lives that satisfies them enough as to overshadow a period of aversity in their lives.
Fragility is a by product of people trying to find the necessary motivation of living today in the hopes of a better future and is as such probably a natural feature of human existence.
When visited theses places in my mind appear the idea of the Fragility of the human condition.




Only a few years after the war had ended, the former Mauthausen Concentration Camp was transformed into a Memorial, upon which the commemorative culture of the Austrian Republic as well as of the victims nations came to materialise. On the other hand, the sites of the former satellite camps and of the branch camp Gusen were long repressed from commemoration by state authority. While at all sites the remains of the satellite camps were being removed, concentration camp survivors and relatives of people killed in the concentration camps were thwarting the process of repression by establishing commemorative markers. Upon their initiatives, public memorials were established in Ebensee, Gusen and Melk.

It was my first time visiting a concentration camp. I’ve read, I’ve seen movies about the world war, but living the experience of being in this place, was shocking. The place cut my breath.



Former theme park, now one of the city’s biggest public parks.
The Parque de la Ciudad is one of the largest parks in BA, covering 75 hectares. Located in the southern neighbourhood of Villa Lugano, it contains wooded areas with over 200 native tree species, a number of lakes and a variety of wildlife, plus a public library, and various murals and sculptures. At one point the park was home to an amusement park with various rides and rollercoasters, and the abandoned remains of many of the rides are still in place.



Napoli Sotterranea (Naples Underground) offers a chance to explore this Italian city from a different point of view. Down a long case descending some 120 feet (40 meters) below the earth, aqueducts, sewer tunnels, rainwater cisterns, caverns, catacombs, and pre-Christian hypogea can be found in the tuffaceous cavities, along with roadway and rail tunnels.
Many years later, the underground network was used as an air raid shelter during the Second World War, and you can still see forgotten war relics such as weapons and vehicles in the tunnels. More recently, the first Hypogeum Gardens in the world can be found, an experiment to grow various species of plants far from pollution, but also light, in the dark chambers underneath the city.



It remained a hidden underwater world for nearly 25 years, but slowly the water around Argentina’s ‘town that drowned’ has started to recede, exposing the ruins that nestle below. Once a vibrant spa town south of Buenos Aires, Epecuen was flooded nearly three decades ago – the lagoon salt water has left its mark with everything slowly emerging from the flood covered in a silvery-white layer. The town was flooded without warning after a long period of heavy rains finally sent the lagoon bursting over its banks, submerging the small community on 10 November, 1985.



Hurlingham Hotel: From splendor to ruins. What used to be a hotel colossus on the Atlantic Coast today is nothing more than you gathered.

Lockdown Project (2020 - in progress)
Lockdown, was created during the Covid-19 lockdown in Buenos Aires. People across Argentina have begun speaking of "quaranternity" while enduring the world's longest lockdown. Residents in Buenos Aires have been cooped up for many months and their nerves are frazzled.
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