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2020 Selected to participate in PHOTOS X ARGENTINA. It is an initiative of a group of more than 100 Argentian photographers who joined together to contribute to the fight of the Covid-19, donating the entire revenue from the sale of their works, made through the site, to the «José de San Martin» Clinic Hospital, one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the country. Article in La Nacion Newspaper

2019 Selected to participate in FoLa Photo Market. Polaroid Project «Black». 

2019 Selected as featured artist in the magazine Flamantes Book Edition 2019 (Spain).

2019 Finalist in MIRA Mobile Prize B&W 2019. Selected to be featured in the collective exhibition at MIRA FORUM in Porto, Portugal. (Check here) MIRA MOBILE PRIZE B&W 2019 – Check here

2018 Selected to participate in FoLa Photo Market. Work exhibited: Revolución de México.

2018 Annual Festival Motivarte. Work exhibited: Photo Book «Huella» 

2018 Contraste Magazine, April Edition (Interview). Contraste 

2017  No Mirror Magazine. (Brazil). Selected work: Epecuén Essay (mobile photography)

2015 International honorific mention in the Iphoneografía Awards in Venezuela.

2013 International honorific mention in the Iphoneografía Awards in Venezuela. News in the “El Nacional” newspaper.

2013 Interview: Revista de Fotografía FOTONAUTICA (Mexico)

MEDIA / Talks

I gave talks and interviews about mobile photography or digital media.

I participed as Faculty Member (UCA – Argentina) in the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change. Combatting the Crisis of Distrust in Media. In 2019, I participated as Faculty in the thirteenth Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change.

Article about mobile photography.

I gave in the You Tube Creator Camp 2015, for the best digital creators in Latin America. The workshops teach of how hone their skills on creative storytelling and tell a perfect story by a combination of photography, text and video, using only a simple tool like a mobile device.

Mobile Photography Workshop

I gave workshops about Mobile Photography at «Distrito Audiovisual de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires», Samsung, Editorial Perfil , Adidas Running Team (Adidas Store), Universidad Católica Argentina, Turner Broadcasting System Latin America, Austral University, FEMSA (Coca-Cola) and Google

IAB Now 2020 (Virtual Event): Speaker in the panel: «Digital Brading to connect with audience». Javier Siriani – Chief Commercial Digital Development, La Nacion (Argentina).

2019 Nuevas formas de contar historias 23-07-19 | OPINION

2019 El auge de los teléfonos celulares como plataforma para la información 15-06-19 | OPINION

2017 LANACION.COM: Cómo sacar buenas fotos con tu celular 22-09-17 | OH LA LA

2016 Participed with Popckorn in uLab del MIT

2015 Prensario: FWTV sobre los contenidos con Smartphones de Popckorn 

2013 Created the first EyeEm Meetup – La Nación agenda cultural. 

2013 Interview: Tiempo Argentino sobre innovaciones en Second Screen o Multi Pantalla 

2012 : “Hacia una nueva fotografía móvil” – 09-09-12 | TECNOLOGÍA

2012 Radio Talks about Tecnology in the magazine “Estilo Anama” (with Anama Ferreira) | AM 1450 Radio El Sol

2012 Semi Finalist for Popckorn Project in the Open App de Telefonica (2012) contest.

2011 Special Mention for Popckorn Project in the CIFRA Contest 2011 (Centro de Innovación de la Forma de la República Argentina)

2011 Speaker in Chile Media Show 2011. Conference “Hábitos de los jóvenes en Internet y en Telefonía Celular: su relación con la televisión” – “Grupo ISOS”, Click here to download the Conference Schedule. – Santiago, Chile |

2011 Talks about Marketing & Brands – Universidad de Palermo & UADE Buenos Aires, Argentina 

2011 Speaker in the conference  “Seminario Internacional EspacioTendencias” – “Fundación El Libro”, “37.a Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires.” Click here to download the Conference Schedule. – Buenos Aires, Argentina 

2010 Radio Talks about Tecnology & Trends in the magazine “El Exprimidor de Ari Paluch” | Radio Uno 103.1 |  ( )

Workshops with Popckorn (Mobile Photography) Project: Adidas, Turner Broadcasting System Latin America, Google, Coca – Cola, Editorial Perfil, Samsung others.

Workshops with ONG’s: PH15, UCA.

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