Work History

Oct 2022 - Current

Head of Advertising Solutions


Manage the Advertising Solutions Team. Our goal is to be the center of excellence for ad digital content experiences, connecting with fans though powerful storytelling. Lead the Bench Brand Lab (Branded Content & Creative Hub), Media Strategy & Client Solutions Team.

MAY 2013 - Current


Pontificia Universidad Católica (Argentina) / Universidad de La Sabana (Colombia) / Universidad Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Professor in the department of Advertisement Communication, Digital Communication and Marketing. My research expertise includes digital / mobile media consumption, branding, Marketing Growth Hacking and strategic management in emerging media / communications industries. My current studies include A.I. in media, media brand trust assessment, media transformation, audience engagement conceptualization/ measurement, mobile media content development and marketing and cross-platform audience behavior.

JUL 2020 - OCT 2022

Lead Commercial Digital Development


I lead the emerging digital ads and digital verticals initiatives in I am responsible of overseeing all the verticals projects based on advertising, and the digital portfolio across the portfolio of brands.

JUN 2010 - SEP 2022

Founder / Chief Photographer


Our mission is to communicate stories through mobile photography. Our role is to expand and strengthen the power of real-time storytelling, encourage digital artist, provide a space for meeting, discussion and sharing knowledge on this new photography paradigm. Based on mobile photography, explore the world through the lens of mobile phones. Capturing, editing and sharing moments as they happen.

APR 2016 - JUN 2020

Multiplatform Programming Manager | Comedy Central, MTV & Paramount Network


Lead the multiplatform programming content for Comedy Central, MTV and Paramount Network. Develop the content strategy for all non-linear platforms. Emphasis on the utilization of data, analytics, and technology to create and execute programming strategies. Work closely with Programming Team´s to understand and implement digital and emerging platforms strategies. (Windowing Strategies). Launched PlayPlex (TVE App solution) for Viacom Americas. +400K Monthly Authenticated Subs for MTV Play and CC Play.

NOV 2015 - APR 2016

Digital Products / Content (MCN & You Tube Channel Manager)


Responsable of UPlay Networks (MCN) & You Tube content strategy. Short forms contents: production & curation. +50 creator recruiter for Argentinian Market.Launched PlayPlex (TVE App solution) for Viacom Americas. +400K Monthly Authenticated Subs for MTV Play and CC Play.

NOV 2010 - NOV 2015

Digital Product Manager


This role was in the Business development Team. The activities extend across different departments, including sales, marketing, project management, product management and vendor management. networking, negotiations, partnerships, and cost-savings efforts are also involved. Develop and manage digital content roadmaps and production processes to ensure availability of content for network programming and marketing events as well as for sale through digital distribution channels.

MAR 2008 - NOV 2010

Digital Content Distribution Coordinator


Manage the relationship between production team and commercial team.

DEC 2006 - MAR 2008

Mobile Producer


Mobile Production. Coordinator of indoor and outdoor resources (editors, producers, content providers, etc); content supervision and approval; management of the relationship with key carriers and partners; and identification of "best sellers" mobile contents. Daily, I worked together with integrators and carriers to develop and mantain our wap portals, and to try to obtain the best positions for the contents we published on those decks. I also supervised how our sales were doing, and did benchmark with our competitors.



Postgraduate degree, Digital Business

Argentinian Catholic University

2010 2011

Master in Management Content

Austral University

2002 2006

Advertising & Insitutional Comunnication Degree

Argentinian Catholic University

2007 - 2009


Argentinian Photography School










Bryan Anderson

Electronic Technology (LinkedIN)

While I have never had the chance to network with Javier face-to-face due to the distance between our offices; I am greatly appreciative of his clear communication, dedication, and enthusiasm in delivering the highest quality mobile content to the regions he manages. His ability to use an artistic-eye to identify compelling content to pique consumers' interest, combined with the technical knowledge to seamlessly integrate that content with carriers' systems has been a great boon.

Darren Bunch

Project Manager (LinkedIN)

I have had the pleasure of working with Javier for a couple of years now. Even though our work takes place via teleconference and email, and not in person, I definitely feel we are always on the same page always because of the communication and respect we have developed. Javier coordinates his regional requirements with me so that I can help deliver the assets on a timely basis and due to his management skills we are able to meet the deadlines presented to us. This is very important in the ever-evolving world of mobile technology.